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Below our medical devices. They are
class II medical devices recognized
by Health Canada, FDA and other
health organizations worldwide.Click
the sale button to find out about the
prices and the sales.
If you live to far away; you can buy the HotHouse. We provide a 14 day guarantee on all our medical
devices.  You don't like it, you can return it!
You can also rent the machine for a week before making the decision to buy them.
Just call 403-908-7386 or email
Click here to read more about our incredible HotHouse and other products.
$ 99 for a Bio Energy Analysis
Ever wondered how healthy you are? Every wondered why you don't feel
well but the doctors can't find anything wrong? Ever wondered how life
would be without all those drugs and pills?
Find out with an old and proven method: EMT; the Energy Measurement Test. By
reading the energy given out on the meridians, health problem can be
discovered. Meridians are the pathways of qi (chi) and blood flow through the
body.  Any break in the flow is an indication of imbalance. With the help of highly
sophisticated software, we measure you qi. You 'll get a report on how you health
is and recommendations of what you can do about it. No more guessing! Book
your appointment now by calling 403-980-7386 or email to
How people have experienced
the use of the Soqi medical
devices and how they
improved their health and life.
Testimonial booklet.
Real people, Real life stories!
Getting my certification from Wally
Muller, from Calgary Hypnosis
Academy,my mentor and trainer.
Inner Focus Hypnosis
We already made the news!!!Please find the article in the Airdrie Echo
Group hypnosis sessions:

Group sessions are a great way to try out hypnosis! Many people want the
benefit of participating in hypnosis sessions with a lower economic
investment. Making the choice of a group hypnosis session allows you to save
money, while benefiting from positive suggestions for change, allows you to
share your feeling with others, knowing you are not alone, make new friends,
have support from one another. Participants benefit from going into a
hypnotic, alpha level and following guided visualizations for self-exploration
and increased spiritual awareness. These sessions include a pre-hypnosis Q
& A period, hypnosis session, and a group discussion to close. Total time is
1.5 hours.

Group Hypnosis sessions: Cost $75+ gst per person with minimum 3 attendees

Get your group session for free: bring 2 paying people and get yours free!

GUARANTEE: Once you have paid for a group session, you can ALWAYS
retake that group session for FREE!

ALL group hypnosis sessions are on Wednesdays: 10.30am-12pm/ 1.30pm-
3pm and 7.30pm-9pm
and Saturdays:10.30 -12pm and 1.30-3pm.

To see the subject of the group sessions that is available: please see group
hypnosis calender.

These coming months we will focusing on: remove negativity in your life,
stress reduction( stress is the biggest cause of health issues), anxiety ( test,
general),ego strengthening ( so needed to feel good!), improving self Esteem(
very much needed to be able to do what you want to do),improving sleep( if
you don't sleep well, nothing goes well), hot flashes- cool down( menopause
symptoms),Emotional eating ( Healthy living series),Removing worries ( it
takes so much energy away),nail biting, drinking more water ( Healthy living
series), Atkins type ( low carb)( Healthy living series), Goals accomplishment( a
new year, new goals and you the success to accomplish them!)

To register: You purchase a ticket with the date and time you want to attend at or you can call me 403-980-7386
which session you want to attend. Only with your ticket or email confirmation,
you  have secured your spot, you will be able to participate.

For cancellation and/ or refunds: please click here:

If you have a group of friends, family, colleagues,…and you would like to
organize a group hypnosis session,
please contact me at 403-980-7386.

Today is the day; you will start focusing on yourself, to make YOU
happier and healthier!